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Clark the Mountain Beaver outside his comfort zone in Joshua Tree NP

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

It sounded exotic and interesting, and it was definitely outside my comfort zone. Which is exactly why I wanted to go. Joshua Tree National Park! A vast desert spread across Southern California where dirt and sand drapes across the landscape like a large woolen blanket. A place where the Mojave Desert meets the Colorado Desert. […]

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Open Door by Karen B Shea

My Valley Home

I sit before this vast wilderness soaking in the untamed beauty that surrounds me. Rising majestically from the ground before me is Open Door—Matriarch of the Valley. Her green rolling hills give way to granite cliffs that give way to a vertical incline speckled with trees that gives way to a shale face that touches […]

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Robin by Karen B. Shea

A Robin’s Call

Clouds blanketed the sky with the hint of rain to come as this new day beckoned to me for a leisurely walk. As I ventured out into the morning air, a disturbance quickly caught my attention. Two robins, perched upon a split rail fence, shouting their warning call for everyone to hear.

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Fall Tree Clark the Mountain Beaver

Autumn’s Transformation

I awoke to the sound of raindrops dancing diligently upon the roof accompanied by a soft cool breeze drifting gently through the window below. The smell of autumn hangs in the air. Change is upon us once again. This is the time of year when nature shows us how simple and gentle change can be.

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