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Clark the Mountain Beaver and His Big Adventure! (Hardcover Book)

Clark the Mountain Beaver Fan
About the Book:

“Clark the Mountain Beaver is a shy secretive critter that lives alone in his burrows. On the rare occasion when he does venture out into the world, he is always being confused with the more popular American Beaver.

It’s a little frustrating for him because other critters never seem to know who he is or that he even exists.

One day, Clark decides to go on a big adventure to meet the critters that live around him. Clark’s big adventure leads to him making new friends and discovering some amazing things about not only himself but the wondrous world around him.”

Not only will children learn about the different animals, they will also learn a brief history lesson!




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Clark the Mountain Beaver Coloring Book




Clark the Mountain Beaver Book

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Book Details:

Age Range:  5 and up
Lexile Measurement 720L. What is a Lexile Measurement? Click to learn more.  
Hardcover: 64 pages (broken out into short chapters for easy bedtime reading)
Book Dimensions: 11.25 x .25 x 8.75 inches

Clark the Mountain Beaver Coloring Fan