Me ~ Karen B. Shea

KarenSheaI was raised in Illinois in a rural area west of Chicago. With its open prairies and muddy marshes, the natural world awakened my spirit and piqued my curiosity. It was here I found freedom and adventure in exploring the world around me.

As I grew older, I spent many summers at my family’s cabin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where my love for nature continued to grow. With its majestic mountains, wild rivers and abundant wildlife, I became even more committed and focused on protecting the natural world around me. Part of that commitment is reflected through my desire to teach children about the natural world through my books. 

Today, I live in beautiful Washington State just outside Seattle with my family and an assortment of wild critters that frequent my yard. Nature and all its wonders continue to inspire and teach me as I move along my own adventurous path!

Five Fun Facts to know about me:

  1. I spent a summer afternoon drinking tea and eating cookies with Mardy Murie, a.k.a. the grandmother of conservation, at her cozy cabin home in Moose, WY where we talked about Alaska, nature and the environment. A truly inspiring woman!
  2. I am a photographer and once, while siting on a beaver dam waiting to photograph a beaver coming out of its lodge, unbeknownst to me, the beaver swam up the channel from behind me, crawled over the damn while looking at me eye to eye, and proceeded to swim in front of me slapping his tail against the water. When the beaver crossed over his dam, we were so close the beaver practically stepped on my hand!
  3. I met Jane Goodall, the famed British primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace, when I owned an Images of Nature Gallery in Kirkland, Washington. The gallery hosted a fundraiser benefiting the Jane Goodall Institute with Jane personally attending the event giving an inspirational talk about her personal experiences and a Reason for Hope.
  4. Growing up we had an assortment of pets including a big beautiful collie named Rex, a white rabbit named Pinky, a ferret named Farrah, a chinchilla named Buzzard, and a wild squirrel named Petee that would came to us when we called him.
  5. My prized possession as a kid was my Cuddly Dudley dog ~ a life-size shiny plush stuffed nostalgic cocker spaniel that had a reoccurring role on the Chicago children’s show Ray Rayner and His Friends.